California Special Needs Trusts

Caring for a family member with special needs involves a unique set of financial, medical, and social obligations. Aisha Williams Law’s dedicated focus on foundational estate planning is augmented by its experience with California Special Needs Trusts. Our commitment is to empower you to establish a secure future for your loved one when you’re unable to continue as the primary caregiver.

Leveraging our broad array of virtual services, we accommodate the distinct circumstances encountered by special needs families throughout California. Our objective is two-fold. First, to assist you in securing the financial assets necessary for your child’s quality of life. Second, to do this without imperiling their eligibility for government benefits.

California Special Needs Trusts: A Vital Tool

The delicate balance between ensuring sufficient care for your loved one and safeguarding their public assistance access is a prevalent issue in special needs estate planning. By leaving a substantial sum directly to a special needs individual, you may unintentionally risk their eligibility for Medicaid or Supplemental Social Security Income. This is where the importance of California Special Needs Trusts comes into play.

Special Needs Trusts permit the holding of assets for your child’s care, whether they are physically, mentally, or developmentally disabled. Crucially, they do this without affecting eligibility for public benefits. However, the guidelines governing these trusts can be complex, warranting expert legal assistance.

Securing Futures with California Special Needs Trusts

The evolving landscape of needs and changing laws make it critical to partner with an experienced attorney like Aisha Williams. Our comprehensive approach to California Special Needs Trusts guarantees a well-structured and bespoke solution that is precisely tailored to your child’s specific needs and circumstances.

Regardless of the nature of your child’s developmental or intellectual situation, our virtual services are here to create a sustainable living plan. We aim to enrich your child’s life and ensure their continued access to essential government benefits. Reach out to us today and start crafting a secure, inclusive future for your loved one.