South Carlsbad State Beach is a prime beach in Carlsbad, California. It is located to the south of Carlsbad State Beach and it has many coastal bluffs along the length of 3 miles. A water park is also opened here, over the area of 44 acres that was started in 1933.  This beach in San Diego County is mainly famous for various kinds of water sports.

The following water sports are highly popular in South Carlsbad State Beach, among all tourists and even local people of this region.

Scuba diving

It is underwater diving, as the name ‘scuba’ means the apparatus needed for breathing underwater.  Divers carry their own cylinders of compressed breathing air and artificial fins attached to their feet for swimming. They also carry video cameras for shooting the amazing marine life under the sea.  They also wear specially designed lenses that allow them to have a better view of the underwater world.


The process of swimming in the sea is more thrilling and adventurous than the simple swimming sessions in a swimming pool. Expert swimmers can only dare to swim further into the ocean, enjoying the coolness of seawater during summer.


It is another interesting water sport where a person rides a board to move over the waves of the sea. Suitable waves are seen near this beach, which makes surfing safer and exciting. Different kinds of boards are available for surfing, which are chosen according to the surfing expertise of a user.


Many enthusiastic anglers love fishing on this beach. They ride a boat and may go deep into the sea to find a suitable location for fishing. They need to find darker-looking water for satisfactory fishing. Usually, largemouth bass, catfish, rainbow trout, and crappie are the fishes available near this beach. There are some points on this beach where anglers can hope to catch a good haul.


This act is literally searching the beach for interesting materials. People try to find interesting seashells, fossils, and various types of artifacts that may have been drifted to the beach by ocean currents. There are some expert beachcombers who practice it only for knowledge and research work. These artifacts also help in studying the nature of ocean currents and underwater life.

It contains 220 campsites with all the modern amenities. The campground is supplied with continuous electricity. Each camp has a private bathroom, with a shower, and water for 24 hours. Campers can also have access to a free Wi-Fi connection and a camp store, making this campground a favorite spot for them. All these campsites are located on a coastal bluff, at a higher level than the beach. People need to book camps well in advance, due to the rush during summer. The campground is joined by several stairs to the beach and the asphalt-surfaced highway is next to this ground.


No dogs or other pets can be allowed on this beach, to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. People also love picnicking with their families on this beach, mainly during summer when the beach remains highly crowded.