Our Planning Process

Taking A Step Toward Peace Of Mind

Secure Your Family’s Future with Carlsbad’s Aisha Williams Law

Taking the first step towards your family’s secured future is significant, and at Carlsbad, CA-based Aisha Williams Law, we respect and understand that. As a San Diego-based Estate Planning law firm, our goal is to help you achieve your planning goals as efficiently as possible. We extend our services throughout California via our completely virtual model, so you can complete this process in your PJs. So, breathe easy – peace of mind that your family is protected, no matter what, is on its way.

Your Journey to Peace of Mind Starts Here

Embarking on your estate planning journey with us begins with the Family Wealth Planning Session. This enlightening session aims to educate and empower you to make the most suitable decisions for your loved ones. It also serves as an avenue for us to determine if we are a perfect fit.

During this meeting, we will guide you through your current estate situation. You’ll get a clear picture of what happens to your loved ones / assets should something happen to you today. This clarity will help you identify anything you’re not comfortable with and we’ll craft a plan that reflects your wishes.

Finding the Right Plan for Your Family

If our firm’s philosophy and your needs align, we’ll help you select the optimal planning level for your family’s requirements. Indeed, we offer three distinct planning levels, allowing you to decide which level best protects you and your family.

With your planning level selected, we’ll design your custom, comprehensive estate plan with your goals in mind. Your plan will include all necessary legal documents and services, customized to suit your specific needs. Making sure your plan works when your family needs it most is our top priority.

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Signing Your Estate Plan: The Start of Our Journey Together

Unlike most law firms where the relationship ends with signing the documents, at Aisha Williams Law, it’s just the beginning. Once you sign your estate plan, we digitalize your legal documents for easy access, start your 90 days of trust funding support, and schedule your check-in.

This important follow-up meeting ensures that:

  • Your assets are properly owned (even the best legal documents are futile if your assets aren’t correctly owned).
  • The people entrusted to care for you, your children, and your wealth, know exactly what to do when something happens.
  • Your most valuable assets – your values, insights, stories, and experiences – are captured and planned for, ensuring they are never lost.
  • Our Commitment: Continuous Engagement

But we don’t stop there! We’re committed to maintaining an active relationship with you and schedule reviews at least every three years to ensure that your plan remains up-to-date. This ongoing service prevents your estate plan from becoming outdated and ineffective, a common problem we’ve identified in traditional planning.

Aisha Williams Law: Estate Planning Simplified

At Aisha Williams Law, we don’t just provide a set of documents. Instead, we offer a complete estate planning solution, customized and streamlined to suit your family’s needs and circumstances. With our fully virtual model, you can engage in comprehensive planning from the comfort of your home, making the process as efficient and comfortable as possible.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Begin your estate planning journey with Aisha Williams Law today, and secure peace of mind knowing your family is protected.

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