Through Love and Law: Essential Estate Planning Steps for Newlyweds (Part 1)

Essential Estate Planning for Newlyweds

The Honeymoon Isn’t Over, But It’s Time for Some Real Talk

Congratulations on your recent wedding! While basking in the joy of newfound marital bliss, it’s crucial to remember another form of love language: estate planning. Trust us, this might not sound romantic, but it’s a vital step you can take to safeguard your collective well-being. So read on for essential estate planning for newlyweds.

Why Estate Planning Is a Must-Do After Saying ‘I Do’

You’ve exchanged vows and rings, but have you considered the less obvious, yet equally important promises to keep? After marriage, decisions about finances or healthcare aren’t automatically documented, despite your matrimonial union. If unexpected occur  your spouse wouldn’t have  legal power to make your medical decisions or access bank accounts. That’s why it’s crucial to put these essential estate planning tools in place as soon as possible.

Update Those Beneficiary Designations

One commonly overlooked estate planning task for newlyweds is updating beneficiary designations. Assets like life insurance policies, 401(k)s, and IRAs aren’t covered by a will or trust. Rather, they transfer based on beneficiary designations. Proactively naming your spouse as the primary beneficiary is key to ensuring they receive these assets when you die. Moreover, it’s important to designate an alternate beneficiary in case you and your spouse pass away simultaneously.

For Families and Future Parents:

If you have children or plan to, don’t name them as direct beneficiaries, especially if they’re minors. The assets would be controlled by a court-appointed custodian, which could lead to complications. Instead, establish a trust that can manage and disperse the assets according to your wishes.

Financial Security Through a Durable Financial Power of Attorney

A Durable Financial Power of Attorney grants your spouse the authority to manage your financial affairs if you become incapacitated. With this, your spouse can perform actions like paying bills, managing investments, and even selling property on your behalf. Without it, they may need to undergo a complex court procedure to be appointed as your guardian or conservator.

 Healthcare Decisions: The Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Living Will

Granting a Power of Attorney for Health Care ensures your spouse can make crucial medical decisions in case of emergency. This document complements your Living Will, which outlines your medical preferences and end-of-life care. Having these guidelines in place relieves your spouse from the stress of making emotionally charged decisions during difficult times.

Estate Planning Isn’t Just a To-Do; It’s a Must-Do

The period right after your wedding is an opportune time for estate planning. Why? Because it coincides with other important life updates, like changing your marital status with financial institutions and combining finances.

Let’s Journey Through This Together

We understand that talking about finances and healthcare wishes might feel overwhelming, especially so soon after your nuptials. But it’s our honor to guide you and your spouse through this heart-centered process.

Your Love Story Deserves a Secure Future

In sum, securing your life together isn’t just about the honeymoon and happily-ever-after. Taking active, legal steps ensures you both live a life of dignity and security, no matter what the future holds. Interested in discussing your options? Contact us. We are committed to ensuring that your love story has the legal backing it needs to thrive.

Don’t forget to check back next week for part two of this essential estate planning series for newlyweds!

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