Secure Your Intellectual Property Through Thoughtful Estate Planning

Intellectual Property in Estate Planning

You don’t have to be a famous celebrity or innovator to create and hold intellectual property. Whether you’re a musician, business owner, writer, or a garage inventor, you likely have intellectual property assets. Unfortunately, these intangible assets often get overlooked in estate planning, leading to potential loss for your family.

Why Intellectual Property Deserves Attention in Your Estate Plan

Intellectual property can hold both emotional and financial value for you and your loved ones. If you fail to include these assets in your estate plan, you could lose them forever. While you may have consulted professionals for various legal needs, intellectual property often falls off the radar. However, we include it in our process, so you’ll understand its significance in estate planning too.

Steps to Preserve Intellectual Property During Your Lifetime

Contrary to common belief, safeguarding intellectual property isn’t just for multinational corporations or famous individuals. Your creations may hold sentimental and monetary worth, potentially increasing in value after your passing.

First, catalog your intellectual property in an asset inventory, detail what it is, its location, and how to access it. We offer this service to all our clients to ensure they don’t lose any assets when they die

Second, evaluate if any of your creations should be formally registered as trademarks, copyrights, or patents. Registration improves your legal position if someone infringes your rights. Equally important are proper legal contracts if you’re licensing or selling your work.

Moreover, if you run a business, ensure comprehensive protection of your intellectual property through copyrights, trademarks, patents, and/or legal agreements. Don’t wait until legal challenges arise; act proactively to prevent unnecessary loss and legal complications.

Ensure Long-Term Protection of Your Intellectual Property

Planning for the future of your intellectual property is as crucial as its current protections. A necessary step is to make sure your family can access your intellectual property if you become incapacitated or die.

Your asset inventory should be readily accessible to your loved ones, specifying how each asset will be considered in your estate plan. Thus, it’s crucial to consult an experienced estate planning attorney well-versed in intellectual property to secure its future worth.

Addressing these assets carefully can protect your family from long, costly legal battles. If you consider this as complex, imagine how overwhelming it will be for your family when something happens to you.

Comprehensive Planning for All Your Assets

Your intellectual property is a unique representation of your creativity and personality, priceless to your family. Reach out to us to ensure complete protection of all your assets, tangible and intangible. Our estate plans will help you safeguard your intellectual property, ensuring its legacy for your loved ones.

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