Estate Planning and Family Reunions

Estate planning and family reunions: build harmony with a shared mission

Family reunions can be more than just reliving the old days. This July, National Family Reunion Month,  be sure to leverage these gatherings to discuss shared goals, resources, and the legacy we envision. At Aisha Williams Law, we believe estate planning discussions at reunions can tighten family bonds while securing your future.

Getting the Family Onboard

But there’s no need to wait till the reunion to discuss estate planning. Contact your loved ones beforehand, expressing your wish to discuss the family’s legacy and future support systems. Highlight that everyone’s voice matters and their input is valued. Use examples like an aging relative’s healthcare needs or an upcoming surgery to introduce the topic naturally. If anyone hesitates, maintain an understanding approach and keep the discussion open for their possible participation.

Estate Planning – The Why

Make it clear that the focus is on the family’s future security and mutual understanding of everyone’s wishes. Estate planning discussions at this level should not pry into finances, health, or relationships. But let them know it helps avoid potential conflicts and financial strain from legal disputes. Inform them that this is an ongoing dialogue aimed at planning for the family’s wellbeing, not dividing assets post-death. And if you’re yet to start your own planning, this is a perfect time!

When and Where to Talk

Schedule the discussion during the reunion, giving it a casual feel. “Chat over coffee at 9 am,” or “Gather around the fire pit at 6 pm,” could be good starters. Set an end time for the conversation too, respecting everyone’s time. To keep everyone engaged and on-topic, list the crucial points you’d like to discuss, encouraging others to do the same.

Celebrate the Legacy, Plan for the Future

While discussing estate planning, underline your family’s legacy – the stories, traditions, and values you wish to pass on to the next generation. Let them know estate planning isn’t solely about death—it’s about enjoying life, knowing your loved ones will be taken care of should you become ill or pass away.

At Aisha Williams Law, we offer a unique Family Wealth Legacy Interview process in our planning packages. During the process, we help you record your family’s cherished memories, which can be shared and watched at future reunions if you like. It can also serve as a great way to pass your values, funny stories, and other important intangibles to your loved ones.

Interested in discussing estate planning with your family at your upcoming reunion, or starting your own planning journey? Reach out to us. Guiding you through your life and legacy planning stages is our passion. With your family aligning their estate planning goals, love and happiness follow.

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