Capturing More Than Just The Tangible Things

May is Senior Citizen’s Month, a time to honor the elders in our lives. Their wisdom and love enriches us, but seeing them age is a reminder of the fleeting nature of time.

The Value Beyond Material Things

Our departed loved ones may leave behind things that they, and you, cherish. Possessions have the power to stir up memories and a longing to reconnect. They make us wish we could still learn from them and relive memories.

The Family Wealth Legacy Interview

At Aisha Williams Law, we understand the importance of putting in place a plan that passes along the “things” that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate and keep your loved ones from the pain of court and conflict that often follows one’s passing.  But, we also see value in sharing your personal stories and wisdom. That’s why we offer the Family Wealth Legacy Interview, an integral part of our estate plans. It’s a platform to share your love, wisdom, funny stories, and whatever other intangibles that aren’t often passed down in traditional estate planning.

The Interview Process

The interview process involves a comfortable conversation that we record for you, is edited and provided as a digital copy as part of your estate plan. This service, included in all of our plans, is not mandatory but for many of our clients, it is one of their favorite parts of the planning process. We will provide you with prompts to get you started on the conversation, or it can be free-wheeling. The idea is to pass those intangibles along to your loved ones, which can provide them a great deal of comfort when you’re no longer with them.

Starting The Conversations with Your Loved Ones

Discussing estate planning with aging loved ones can be challenging. Attitudes towards aging and death vary greatly –but an open dialogue with your elderly loved ones is vital. Start by approaching this topic with vulnerability and understanding. Highlight the value you place on them, which can encourage them to take part in this unique opportunity.

Creating Shared Memories

Taking the time to reflect reconnects you with your accomplishments and experiences, which can be shared with your family. The Family Wealth Legacy Interview is a valuable service I offer to all estate planning clients. It forms a part of my holistic Life & Legacy Planning process, designed to preserve and protect your family’s wealth, ensure they avoid the consequences of probate, and pass along the invaluable wealth of memories, values, and lessons to future generations.

A Continuous Journey

By engaging with a lawyer who knows you personally, your Life & Legacy Planning becomes a dynamic, evolving process. This plan adapts to changes in your life and family dynamics. If you want to pass on more than money to the ones you love and leave them with an even greater gift that they will treasure for generations, click HERE to learn about my process. And if you have a senior loved one, contact me today to see how I can help them not only make a plan for their assets but capture the love and memories they share with you.


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